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I am a little humanoid. 

A big BOOM in the universe, that humans much later called Big Bang ... And here I am, thrown on Earth in an indescribable chaos!

I was just a small pebble, yet with two eyes, a mouth and a big nose, and that was already quite surprising. No wonder then that my legs are pushed very quickly and that the irresistible urge comes to me to run to discover my planet.

It was so long ago! However, my memory is good, I would say more, excellent!

I have traveled through time, I have encountered life, I have loved life.

I am a small humanoid, come from the time of the origins, I don't have ears, but I hear everything! My name is GLUMO, and I'm alive!

And you, looking at me, who are you? 

Glumo was born by chance and without necessity, on a computer screen, from a spontaneous and childish drawing game.

Appears a head man, with a large nose, and no ears. Funny, strange and familiar, he seems to question us.

He's looking at us, we'll call him GLUMO.

Very swiftly, the drawing of a big head takes shape in clay. Little by little, his chest, arms and legs are growing. He looks endearing and he amazes us with his both archetypal and futuristic allure, his serene and beneficent expression. We write him a manifesto and support his story. His identity is structured. He is alive, capable of all metamorphoses and free to roam the world.

  Annette and Leslie, the authors.


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